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Pupils’ maths skills are assessed upon arrival using the PUMA test. Maths is taught across school by following the White Rose Mixed Age Schemes of Learning to best fit the main cohort in each class. Individual pupils receive intervention where needed using a range of schemes such as Numicon’s Breaking Barriers.  Pupils are taught using the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach ensuring that they are confident at each level before moving on. They are encouraged to verbalise and explain their answers to demonstrate their thinking and understanding.  Pupils are encouraged to be independent in their learning and challenge themselves to move into abstract thinking when they feel that they can.

All pupils take part in daily maths lessons, many of which are practical and offer hands on learning experiences.  The style of maths lesson varies between classes depending on the ages and needs of the pupils with lots of our mathematical learning being incorporated into the continuous and creative curriculum.  New mathematical vocabulary is embedded through other areas of the curriculum including weekly cooking lessons and den building, measuring and direction work within the forest area. We also use a variety of different maths interventions for pupils who are finding concepts difficult to grasp.

In some classes, maths skills are consolidated through play within the continuous provision and have access to various online programmes to practise skills such as times tables.

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