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Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Local Offer and SEN Support

Special Educational Needs And Disability (SEND) Code Of Practice: 0 To 25 Years

At Engage Academy we recognise that children and young people may have a wide range of needs. These may include cognition and learning, communication and interaction, social, emotional and mental health difficulties and sensory and physical.

We work with a variety of agencies, specialist services and health care professionals to ensure that our young people’s needs are effectively identified and addressed.

Local Offer of Provision and Support at Engage Academy

  • What is our school ethos towards pupils with Special Educational Needs?+

    At Engage Academy we offer a nurturing, safe inclusive and friendly environment where the building of trusting relationships is paramount. We have extremely high expectations and our pupils achieve good progress across the curriculum, with an emphasis placed on improving reading, writing and maths skills through personalised and creative learning opportunities.

    We have a broad, creative curriculum that enables all pupils, regardless of need, to achieve their potential and thrive in their new schools. The curriculum aims to practically support pupils; building strong foundations for positive emotional health and well-being by providing opportunities to further enhance and celebrate their many skills and talents. Pupils are fully integrated into all aspects of school life, including the extended curriculum, e.g. school visits, residentials and after school activities. Pupils previously disengaged from education, re-engage with a new-found enthusiasm and zest for learning.

  • How do you get a place at Engage Academy?+

    EHCP Consultation Places (28 Places) are offered through consultation at the draft stage of the EHCP request or as recommended within the annual review process. Successful consultation will name Engage Academy as the placement provision in Section I of the EHC Plan. Places for Engage Academy will be considered following receipt of consultation paperwork from SENDACT. The Head Teacher, SENCo and SLT will discuss the case in order to determine if the child will be considered for an EHCP place within the provision at Engage Academy if they meet the following criteria:

    • The child has an EHCP and has been assessed as having social, emotional and mental health needs identified as a primary need;
    • The Annual Review evidences that interventions and specialist advice has been put in place, followed, monitored and adjusted as necessary. This should include advice from the Social, Emotional and Mental Health outreach team;
    • If other areas of need have been identified within the EHCP these have also had advice from specialists and the advice implemented for at least a term with limited progress;
    • There is clear evidence that the needs of the child limit their ability to access the curriculum and/or impede their emotional, social or behavioural development and as a result impact upon their ability to make progress in learning;
    • The child needs to access a specialist nurturing environment providing specialist knowledge, skills, technology and/or resources;
    • The child has a sudden deterioration following a high level of trauma/disclosure which requires intensive support for a period of time delivered by specialists in social, emotional and mental health.
  • How do you support transition for SEND pupils?+

    Transition to Engage Academy involves working closely with the previous setting to ensure the academic and SEMH information is shared and needs are being met. Parents and pupil are encouraged to visit in order for a smooth transition to begin.

  • Who should you talk to if you think your child needs extra help?+

    In the first instance, please talk to your child’s class teacher, who will be happy to discuss your concerns with you or arrange a meeting with the SENDCo. You can also contact the SENDCo, Katie Lightowler, directly. You can also speak to the Headteacher or Vulnerabilities Link Trustee, Andy Percival.

  • How will you support my child if they have additional needs?+

    Early identification of pupils’ needs is a priority. On entry to the school each child’s aptitudes and abilities will be assessed, and as the children continue through their time with us, the academy will use appropriate screening and assessment tools to ascertain pupil progress.

    Assessment data will include:

    • Evidence obtained by teacher observation/assessment.
    • Information from Parents.
    • Children’s performance in National Curriculum subjects.
    • Pupil progress in relation to next steps and targets for literacy and Maths.
    • Assessment tools providing reading, spelling and mathematical ability ages
    • Records from previous settings.
    • Information from parents.
    • Reports from external agencies, such as a Psychologist, CAMHs and Speech Therapy.
  • What is the Graduated and Person Centred Approach?+

    Graduated and personalised interventions contribute to the positive outcomes for children and young people. The Trust is committed to the promotion of inclusive support, raising standards for children with SEMH needs and improving their life chances.

    A graduated approach to meeting the needs of pupils is adopted. Pupils and their parents are at the centre of this process and are fully involved at each and every stage. There will be a focus on pupil well-being as well as academic achievement.  Engage Academy promotes exceptional outcomes for pupils, using person centred approaches based on the Assess-Plan-Do-Review cycle:

    Assess– An analysis of the child’s needs will be carried out and referrals to professionals (for example, Speech and Language Therapist or Educational Psychologist) will be made where necessary.

    Plan– A learning plan is created to identify the desired outcomes for the child and the support/interventions required to help them achieve these. A date will be set to review the progress the child has made towards their outcomes.

    Do– The identified interventions and support will be put in place.

    Review– The child’s progress towards their outcomes and the effectiveness of the provision in place is reviewed. New outcomes are set for the child and the cycle begins again.

  • What provision is available at Engage Academy to support your child’s needs?+

    At every stage of the above graduated approach, the school will ensure delivery of the provision detailed therein and hold regular reviews with parents and children (as age appropriate) of the appropriateness and success of that provision. For details of specific interventions, please speak to your child’s class teacher or the SENDCO.

    Engage Academy is an inclusive provision and may offer the following range of provision to support children with SEND. throughout the curriculum and within daily practice. Boxall assessments identify developmental and diagnostic needs in order to target specific SEMH needs through key interventions

    • Across Engage Academy the six principles of nurture are clearly evident within all aspects of the learning environment, threaded
    • Access to an inclusive and supportive learning environment, with additional help, resources and support by class teacher or inclusion worker.
    • Periods of withdrawal individually or in small groups to work with a inclusion worker to improve literacy and maths
    • Support from specialists within class or as part of an accelerated learning programme.
    • Pastoral care to reduce anxiety, promote social skills, positive behaviour and emotional wellbeing (including communication with parents)
    • Access to strategies/programmes to support, speech and language, occupational therapy, physiotherapy needs
    • Provision to facilitate and support access to the curriculum.
    • Access to Medical Interventions and support
    • Support to improve attendance
  • What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the school to support?+

    Although we don’t have specialist teachers on the premises, our pupils do have access to a range of services offered within Kirklees. We are currently working with colleagues in the professions of occupational therapy and physiotherapy, sensory impairment, behaviour support, medical professionals, counselling services at CAMHS and Northorpe Hall. We also liaise with the Parent Partnership Service to support families with children who have additional needs (http://www.pcankirklees.org/). We pride ourselves at Engage Academy as being welcoming and fully co-operative with any external agencies involved in the care of your child. We always carry out any individualised/personalised programmes they prescribe and sustain good working relationships with all such agencies.

    Find Out More About the Parent Partnership Service

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    ·         What is the Local Offer: local offer video, Kirklees Local Offer Facebook.

    ·         Any comments please contact localoffer@kirklees.gov.uk  or you can email richard.dresser@kirklees.gov.uk.

  • When will you have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress?+

    The progress of children at every stage of the graduated approach will be tracked using Pupil Progress Plans using the assessment data and observations. Each child’s EHCP will be reviewed annually with the involvement of the child, parents and any professionals involved. This is an addition to the termly reports, coffee afternoons and parent/child sessions.

  • How will you help me to support my child’s learning?+

    Your child’s class teacher can usually offer suggestions of ways in which to help your child. Please also ask for ideas when you meet with the SENDCo at the annual review meetings. If outside agencies are supporting your child’s needs, they often provide support programmes to be worked on at home.  Support for parents and carers  is also offered through parent events, newsletters, regular phone calls/texts, SEN review meetings and termly coffee afternoon

    Further information can be found on our Twitter pages:



  • How accessible is the school environment for my child?+
    • All of the school is accessible to children with a physical disability due to access on one level and a ramp to the main office,
    • We have disabled toileting facilities.
    • Class allocations are adapted to ensure rooms are accessible for children with disabilities
    • We ensure that the equipment used is accessible to all children regardless of their needs.
    • The school has staff trained to suit children with a range of needs.

    If you require any further clarification on any of these points please refer to our trust SEND policy, Accessibility Plan or, if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or the SENDCo (Katie Lightowler.)

    Kirklees Local Offer is aimed at providing information about the support and services that children and young people aged 0-25, who have special educational needs and disabilities, and their families can access within Kirklees.

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