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Timetable and Class Information

At Engage Academy we have three classes; Dolphins, Whales and Penguins.  Each class has a class teacher and three inclusion workers to support both pupils’ academic learning and their social and emotional development.  The three classes follow a very similar weekly timetable with the topics and styles of learning adjusted to best support the ages and learning levels of the group. .

Our weekly curriculum coverage

Reading (Individual, guided or RWI phonics) 

20 minutes daily 



10 minutes daily 


Including phonics and spelling activities
30 minutes daily 


45 minutes daily 

Creative Curriculum 

(to include science, history, geography, art, DT, PE, PSHE, RSHE, RE, Computing)
4 x 1.25 hour lessons per week 

Food Technology 

1 hour per week 

Daily Collective Worship 

5 x 20 minutes per week 


1 hour lesson 4 weeks per term 

Weekly Timetable Example Download

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